Sigurgeirs Bird Museum

The bird museum is located on the farm Ytri-Neslönd beside Lake Myvatn. It was established following the pioneering work of Sigurgeir Stefansson who lived at the farm. Sigurgeir’s bird museum is considered the largest known  private bird collection in Iceland.

The interactive display of the bird collection is both interesting and educational. It contains a specimen of all of the Icelandic breeding birds, with the exception of just one. In addition there is a multi-lingual computer guide to Iceland's birds, a shop with refreshments, bird books are available, there is a logbook of recent sightings, telescopes are set up to watch the birds on the lake and a remote camera displays live wildlife images from one of the lake's islands.

Nowhere in the world can so many species of duck be found in one place. The Barrow’s goldeneye  (Bucephala islandica) has its only breeding habitat in Europe in Northeast Iceland, mostly by Lake Mývatn.  

Much of the bird life of Lake Mývatn  can be viewed directly in front of the museum. You can watch birds on the lake whilst also enjoying some local refreshments.

The museum also offer several comfortable bird hides located close to the wildlife, with facilities for photography and bird watching.  

Where is Sigurgeis Bird Museum





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Fuglasafn Sigurgeirs ses, Ytri-Neslöndum, 660 Mývatn, kennitala: 521107-0300,
Sími 464 4477, tölvupóstur fuglasafn(hjá)